Company “Kabelnet” was founded in 2008. The main business activity of this company is planning and performing works on constructing telecommunication networks. In addition, the company deals with performing works on constructing electro-energetic systems, inner installations, video surveillance, as well as consulting in the field of telecommunications.

Based on previous business results, staff’s expertise and the quality of performed works, it is listed as a qualified contractor for “Telekom Srbija” A.D. Beograd, “EPS Distibucija” D.O.O. Beograd, PUC “Informatika” Novi Sad.

The past results were successfully realized by the company, owing to the experience and expertise of its employees and consultants, who are licensed and trained for works in the fields of telecommunication networks and systems, electro-energetic systems, necessary construction works, and quality and processing management in the said areas.



The mission of “Kabelnet” company is to maintain a competitive position on the domestic and regional markets, in the fields of planning and constructing telecommunication networks and electro-energetic systems, that is, offering consultation services in the relative field of work.

In order to achieve the said mission, “Kabelnet” continuously monitors the market, analyzes the existing and identifies the new demands of business partners, but it also quickly and efficiently reacts to changes in its surroundings, which enables the company to maintain the high-quality level of its services.

Through the abilities of its staff and its technical potentials, and the dedication to high-quality performance of works, “Kabelnet” endures, develops and makes an unavoidable point in the supply chain within its field of work.

All this is enabled by professional staff, who continuously achieve business goals by using the standards of good practice, according to the defined rules in the field of work, as well as through quality management and environmental protection systems.


It presents a set of long-term defined goals in the function of “Kabelnet’s” mission, in the context of optimal development and achieving productivity, effectiveness and efficiency on a higher level, compared to other companies from the same field of work.

By investing into modern equipment, continuously training its employees and by its entrepreneurial style of work, “Kabelnet” achieves high quality and satisfies all needs of its business partners and other interested parties.

Within the needs for services in its field of work, enabling a sure, secure and permanent fulfillment of requests from its current and future business partners presents a continual commitment of “Kabelnet”, both regarding quality and the matter of meeting deadlines.

Company “Kabelnet” has established the principles of its quality policy:

  • The business priority of all our activities is providing goods and services which completely meet the demands, needs and expectations of our clients,
  • Consistent application and constant improvement of the quality management system, in accordance with the demands of the standard series ISO 9001:2008, make a prerequisite for achieving business goals,
  • Efficient and effective business and consistent fulfillment of standards’ requests enable the increase in quality of goods and services, create better working conditions and increase the company’s competitive advantage, which, as a result, enables capturing new markets and creating conditions for permanent successful operations,
  • We strive to realize partnership – mutually beneficial relation with all interested parties,
  • All employees are responsible for implementing the mandatory documents and achieving the desired quality of goods and services,
  • The management improves the processes by regularly checking the systems, performing internal and external audits, and by implementing corrective and preventive measures when necessary,
  • By training the employees, the company takes care of providing competent and quality performance of work tasks.


The company’s security involves consistent implementation of health protection and workplace safety systems, in accordance with the requirements of standard series OHSAS 18001:2007. Protection of health and workplace safety include all business functions which provide adequate work conditions, necessary training and protection of all employees. All employees are responsible for implementing the measures of protection against unwanted effects of processes on people and the environment, and by training its employees, the company takes care of reducing the possibility of injuries or professionally-induced illnesses.

Social responsibility

As a modern company, growing and developing in modern society, “Kabelnet” considers as its obligation to take appropriate activities whose goal is the benefits of the entire society. It includes performing activities whose primary goal is not increasing profit, but positively influencing the work, social and natural surroundings.

First of all, the company’s social responsibility is mirrored in various social donations, active measures of environmental protection in the course of work processes and developing human potential, and providing equal rights for all employees, including, of course, all other activities that contribute to a better society.

The company possesses the certificate of the standard series ISO 14001:2004 for managing environmental protection, which guarantees that company’s work is harmonized with regulations form the field of environmental protection. With its operations, the company is trying to reduce and control the negative impacts and risks for the environment.


  • »Telekom Srbija« A.D. Beograd
  • „EPS Distribucija“ D.O.O. Beograd
  • »Merkator-S«
  • »Sabotronic«
  • »Bau Network«
  • »Lafarge BFC«
  • JKP »Informatika« Novi Sad
  • »Struja« A.D. Novi Sad
  • »AG Institut«
  • »Somborelektro«

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