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A project bureau exists within the company, and it realizes the acquisition and creation of investment and technical documents in the field of electro-energetic systems. The company creates projects for electro-energetic buildings, for electrical installations and for electro-energetic connection of buildings to the public electro-energetic network.

Izvođenje radova - Kabelnet Doo

Performing works

The company performs works on constructing and maintaining electro-energetic systems, connections and electrical installations. For performing the said works, “Kabelnet” possesses the complete mechanization – construction machines and appropriate motor pool, including top-notch equipment for working with electric cables.

Projektantski izvođački nadzor - Kabelnet Doo

Planning and executive supervision

The company offers the services of planning-executive supervision in the field of constructing electro-energetic systems and electrical installations. Expertise and experience of supervision directly influence the quality of performed works, construction costs and times invested in construction, all the while abiding by the law and regulations in the field of energetics.

Tehnički prijem objekata - Kabelnet Doo

Technical acceptance of buildings

Based on employees’ expertise and possession of required licenses in the field of electro-energetic systems, for responsible planner of electro-energetic installations, that is responsible contractor, the company participates in the technical acceptance of buildings for part of the electro-energetic installations. The technical acceptance of buildings includes checking the completeness of technical and other documents for construction, i.e. work performance, as well as reviewing the performed works and harmonization with design-technical documents.

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